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Michael Mastragostino

Michael Mastragostino

(B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., OCT)

Director of Operations

  • Michael Mastragostino has been in education for 34 years.
  • eLearning Consultant (3rd Largest High School Board in Canada)
  • Department Head (Information Technology, Mathematics & Business)
  • Instructor at York University
  • High School Teacher

Mr. Mastragostino has worked with IT companies and Publishers (MaGraw-Hill, Commodore & Apple IIe), designing and programming the very first generation of educational software in the yearly 80's for students from JK to Gr.12. Presently as Director of Ontario eSchool and Ontario eSchool, he is totally devoted in developing the next generation of engaging and effective eLearning courses.

An Ontario eSchool world-class course inspires all students to reach their full potential and empowers them to be competitive and acquire an international vision in a global community. "We are looking at designing courses that will nurture the following skills of critical thinking, creativity, independence of thought and help students become life long learners contributing to the benefit of society."